Our team wants to announce the next game that we will organize.?  All you have to do, is to go on our Live Chat in YoPriceville.com and use the "Paint function" then make your own Art (it can be everything).

Every 3 days we will put all Arts in Yopriceville Facebook page and then the one that gets most votes, will win prize from us.Voting will continue 24 hours after we have placed all Arts.

After you draw your picture - click submit and save your "p" # (number) and press "Post this Painting Now" - to see it publish it?  in chat. Immediately drop your number and chat name?  in the discussion here. So your picture will be with your name and signature below.

In chat you can register or login as a guest.

Obscene arts?  will disqualify!
Scrabbles will disqualify!

Good luck!

To start go to Live Chat

If You need Help to use "Paint" function go here >>