How does YoPriceVille work?

The goal of our price guide is to inform and help all players to reasonably decide the value of there old and rare items, with in the game.

1. All items are arranged by there release date, regardless of the time when they were removed from the store.

2. To find items, brows through the categories. All items will be listed in the correct category they were originally released from.

Specially issued clothing and collectible items are sorted by specific events.
( Super Sat, Labor Day, Platinum e.c.t )

4. For a fast accurate search, use our search engine! Type the title, name or part of the name of the item you are searching for. Then press the magnifying glass button or hit the enter key after typing, to quickly find the item in YoPriceVille you are looking for.

How to use Live Chat and Notice?

1. Live Chat - When using our live chat, you have the option to log in as a guest or create an account. Creating an account will allow you to keep your user name.

- Please use good manners and judgment in chat. We would like YoPriceVille to be a positive friendly environment for all whom visit our site. YoPriceVille reserves the right to remove any and all users who consistently offend others or disrupt a friendly atmosphere.

2. Notices are designed to work as an information board. You can post information there, about your upcoming events such as auctions and sales. This helps ensure a greater number of people to be aware of and purchase your items.

- Feel free to post congratulations to your friends, for special occasions Birthdays e.c.t

- To avoid abuse, the publication of any and all links is prohibited. We reserve the right to delete ads with inappropriate and offensive content, there by ensuring a pleasant experience for all YoPriceVille users..



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